I'm Daniel Eckhart. This is my Online Works & Not Works.

Web and Software Designer in Portland, OR.
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I design and develop websites and apps. Two of my apps have been featured by Apple. I have two daughters and a well-organized garage.

Great Indie Websites

I work directly and personally with select clients to build great websites that grow their businesses.

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This compendium of my work has been distri­buted in hyper­text format for your enjoy­ment and consider­ation.
Semantic Word Processor for Mac
Project Details
Animation and Effects Builder for iPad
Case Study
Breakfast in Bridgetown
A Mobile Guide to Portland’s Favorite Meal
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Who is Danny Eckhart?

Greeting. While much of the prose on this site is spare and formal, the reader will find this paragraph and the next more personable. They’re meant to make yours truly appear approachable and friendly, a strategy known as humanization.

The reader will find this paragraph reveals some trivial personal information—perhaps a reference to an entertainment franchise, pastime, or an assertion of an unassailable-yet-unfounded personal belief structure.

This paragraph encourages you to initiate contact with me and provides assurance that the resulting exchange will be less awkward than these sentences.

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